2021 Season Update

Jason Bahr and I just got off a great call with the MN DNR Commissioner Sarah Strommen, and her Assistant Commissioner Bob Meier.  They voiced appreciation for the way we have approached the 2020 season and the work our Board has done to insure that events could be run, even if they are in a virtual environment.  They also agreed that the SATT is positioned well because of our CRR format, which really allows us to eliminate social gatherings allowing for our regular season to begin on Leech Lake June 21st.

For our June 7th SATT Virtual Event and registration tonight, you WILL be allowed to have non-household members in the boat with you. You also will not have travel restrictions.  Like always practice social distancing and stay in if you are sick.  We all need to remember that our actions have the possibility to affect, and infect others.  As we travel in the boats I would recommend a Buff or some sort of face covering since that will be one of the times where anglers and boat captains will be the closest.  We would also ask that you plan ahead and minimize your stops along the way, the more we help the better the chance that we can continue this way for the rest of our regular season.

Also just as awesome is our ability to start our regular season with Leech Lake on June 21st.  Certainly this will be different with no Rules Meeting, or Awards Ceremonies in person but all done virtually.  The same guidance listed above will be encouraged and we will be following up with more details.So registration for the Virtual Event for June 7th will still start tonight at 6pm.  There is no limit to entries for this event.

Registration for the first regular season event  being held June 21st on Leech Lake will be next Thursday May 21st at 6pm.  This event is capped at 200 Teams (first come first serve, we all know how quick these can fill)

We will also be looking to do more virtual events this summer and have some great ideas to get even more people involved across the state.  There has been initial discussions about running a virtual event the same day as our regular season events through the summer.  The board will take this up and evaluate all the options and be communicating with everyone.

Jimmy Bell
President & COO MN Student Angler Tournament Trail

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