About Us

Who We Are

The Student Angler Organization (SAO) is a 501(c)(3) volunteer non-profit organization dedicated to increasing fishing opportunities and environmental awareness for students, youth and schools through competition, scholarships, education, and mentoring opportunities, creating an outdoor passion for life for the students and their families.


Student Angler Tournament Trail (SATT)

The Student Angler Tournament Trail is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing quality fishing opportunities to students and their families. Through their events, SATT aims to grow the future of fishing and create a lasting impact on the students and families. All of the Student Angler Tournament Trail events are catch-weigh-release events where fish are immediately released back into the water after being weighed.

The Lund Virtual Fishing League

In 2020, the Student Angler Organization started the Virtual Fishing League in association with Lund for participants ages 10 through graduated senior. The league ran 5 junior events in their first season and plan to run more successful events in 2021. This organization utilizes apps and other various technologies to offer virtual competitive fishing experiences throughout the state of Minnesota.

Fishing League