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Volunteer / Boat Captain Background Check SCREENING CRITERIA

No Charge Checks Provided through MN DNR Grant

Minnesota DNR

Clear / Not Flagged

  • (1) DUI/DWI or alcohol related offenses
  • (1) Drug related offenses
  • Vandalism, and criminal mischief
  • Theft crimes including but not limited to petty theft, grand theft, looting, embezzlement, fraud, burglary, shoplifting, writing bad checks and larceny
  • Animal abuse, cruelty, or neglect


Sex offender registrant Past 15 Years –
  • All felonies
  • Any misdemeanors involving:
    • All sexual crimes, criminal offenses of a sexual nature to included but not limited to, rape, child molestation, sexual battery, lewd conduct, possession and distribution of child pornography, possession and distribution of obscene material, prostitution, indecent exposure, and public indecency
    • Harm to a minor, including, but not limited to, offenses such as child abandonment and child endangerment/neglect/abuse
    • Violence against a person, armed robbery, force, or threat of force (including crimes involving deadly weapons)
    • 2+ Domestic Violence, patterned domestic abuse
Past 3 Years -
  • 2+ drug related offenses
  • 2+ DUI/DWI or alcohol related offenses
  • Stalking, harassment, blackmail, violation of a protection order and/or threat
  • Destruction of property and arson

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